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Inspiration for Mother's day

Spring vibes in the air make you remember that mother's day is just around the corner. Looking for a gift that pleases mother not only on this day but also in others, we have prepared some ideas.

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Mother classical design lover

will adore drop-shaped earrings with 24 k gold luster. The simple design and high quality of these earrings make them timeless and classical in each lady's jewelry box.

Mother minimal design and lifestyle lover

will find a suitable elegant porcelain necklace. You only have to find the most appropriate color of a piece of porcelain to wear on everyday or festive days.

Eco lifestyle mother

would be delighted to see the recycled porcelain jewelry with one of the earrings from Astilla's collection. They are not only created by the idea of a sustainable lifestyle, but they also combine all the bright pieces of porcelain in a harmonious color mix.

You can also match the necklace to the earrings.

Mother art and statement pieces lover

will appreciate Arquus's collection earrings.

They are lightweight, unique, and certainly noticeable. They also have a variety of colors available to highlight as much as possible the personality of the recipient.


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