Introducing the Daisy collection

See our new nature-inspired Daisy pieces and learn more about the inspiration for the collection.

Our newest collection is lightweight, summer, and nature-inspired. The collection includes hook earrings and a daisy necklace. Each piece is handmade and painted with 24k gold, which is one of Rozenthal jewelry characteristic features.

We wanted the collection to be summery but still elegant so we were going for a light, easy-breezy, and playful look. To reach that we used a combination of classic white porcelain with gold and choose the nature-inspired shape of a daisy. So you can let the sun sparkle in the gold of daisy.

Each earring has a 14k gold-filled hook that is nickel-free, so it doesn’t cause allergies. As well the chain for the necklace is also 14k gold-filled and nickel-free.

It is a lovely floral gift for yourself, your friend, sister, mother, or anyone who needs some elegant playfulness in their life.


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