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We love what we do and it shows (pt.2)

In case you missed it – here is part 1

Our jewelry is handcrafted and made with special care. We pay attention to the smallest of details while making every piece and that is why our jewelry comes out looking so pure and unique. It’s the same as with cooking; you have to put in love, good thoughts and patience to get the best results. You have to be surrounded by light and positive energy. That’s why our dream team is collected only out of the most passionate ones and our home is created to bring us as much creativity as possible. You surely can come and visit us sometime! In the studio we organize workshops for everyone who is interested in learning anything about the magic that happens inside our walls.

But now, let’s dive deeper and find out the intricacies of the crafting process, shall we?

When the carefully polished pieces are completely dry, the glazing part comes in. Every piece is fully covered in a special glaze made of porcelain.

After glazing, the small pieces are put back in the kiln for some more firing. The kiln is hot, more than 1260°C. This process gives the fine porcelain pieces a glossy touch. This is the part where just a piece of polished clay starts to turn into a beautiful jewelry piece.

Pieces with glossy glaze

Now we take a close look at every piece individually, some of them may be damaged, so we sort out only the finest ones and prepare them for painting. The painting process is the one that takes the most time and concentration; you can’t lose focus for even a second! Each piece is painted with a thin brush, carefully guided by artist's hand, and covered in 24k gold or platinum luster.

Paintig process

The painting process usually takes us a few days, after making sure that every piece is perfect, we put almost ready jewelry pieces in the kiln for the last time. Opening the kiln after the final firing is magical, it’s like Christmas came early, and everything is in glossy gold and platinum.

Klin full of golden pieces

Another quality control occurs at this stage, only the best of the best get approved. Finally, our handcrafted artwork becomes a whole, earrings are put together. Even the hooks are handmade in our own unique design from thin 14k gold-plated wire.

Selecting pieces to add hooks

The earrings are finally ready to be packed and sent out into the world.

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With love, The Rozenthal team


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