Astilla earrings S

Astilla earrings S




  • Recycled porcelain hand-painted with 24k gold luster.
  • 925 Sterling silver studs - nickel free.
  • Lightweight - 4 g
  • Measures - 19 mm (0,7 in)


Packed in a gift box.


Every piece of Rozenthal jewelry is made by hand. No two pieces are identical - variations make each piece an original work of art.


The unpredictable nature of recycled porcelain used in this collection makes each piece of jewelry completely unique. „Astilla” collection combines hand-pressed terrazzo with eye catching gold details and pastel tone accents. With the organic shape and natural color of porcelain, „Astilla” collection has the perfect base for the ultimate day-to-night accessory.


Jewelry is handmade from recycled porcelain and hand-painted with 24k gold luster. Perfect earrings to match your daily and occasion wear. Lightweight and very comfortable, you won't feel that you are wearing anything at all. Studs are made of 925 Sterling silver they are nickel free and in contact with water doesn't change color. Great idea for a gift. 


Color: White